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  • 2024 Aviform Racing Pigeon Hyper Pack

    Elevate your racing pigeon’s performance to the next level with the 2024 Aviform Racing Pigeon Hyper Pack. Specifically designed to cater to the high demands of racing pigeons, this comprehensive pack combines the ultimate in nutritional support and health maintenance.

    Included in the Hyper Pack:

    • Aviform Ultimate 11in1: 2 x 2500ml – An unparalleled blend providing a comprehensive spectrum of vitamins, amino acids, and electrolytes to support overall health and performance.
    • Rapide ForteX4: 1 x 500ml – A potent energy-boosting formula to enhance endurance and speed in competitive flying.
    • Prolyte Probiotic Recuperative: 1 x 500 g – A specialized probiotic blend aimed at rapid recovery post-race, ensuring your pigeon returns to peak condition swiftly.
    • Calci-Boost HiD3: 1 x 250ml – A high-potency calcium supplement fortified with vitamin D3 for optimal bone health and muscle function.
    • Mycoform-T Respiratory: 1 x 1000ml – A comprehensive respiratory support formula to maintain clear airways for maximum oxygen intake.
    • Protein Perform: 1 x 500g – A high-quality protein supplement to support muscle repair and growth, ensuring your pigeon is always race-ready.

    Special Offer

    Retail Price of products when bought individually: £262.65
    Hyper Pack Price: £119.95
    Saving: Over £142!

    For those requiring specific dates on any supplement within the pack or have questions, please do not hesitate to call or email us.

    Additional Info

    Now for added convenience, you can purchase the Hyper Pack complete with all the required pumps for an additional £2. Simply select this option from the drop-down list.

    How to Use

    Unlock your racing pigeon’s full potential by following the Application Plan, tailored to support your bird through training, racing, and recovery phases with precision.