PROLYTE Probiotic Post Race Restorative for Racing Pigeons

PROLYTE Probiotic Post Race Restorative for Racing Pigeons

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  • ISO 9001:2015 logo
  • UFAS accredited
  • Soluble probiotic and electrolyte formulation for rapid recovery after racing or illness.

    New Formula Prolyte now contains the only probiotic with EU approval for racing pigeons (at the time of writing).

    We believe this makes Prolyte the best pigeon recovery product available. Simply add to drinking water (can be combined with all other Aviform pigeon products).


    Your Racing Pigeon needs to be at its optimum health for maximum benefits during moulting, breeding and racing. Prolyte is an invaluable aid to recovery with a very rapid return to peak condition after racing or illness.


    • An invaluable aid to recovery, including wet droppings and young bird sickness
    • Helps prevent “bad bug” build up
    • Rapid return to peak condition after racing, training or illness
    • Assists during periods of stress (a major cause of reduced performance)
    • Replenishes essential gut flora after antibiotic treatment
  • Composition
    Glucose, Maltodextrin, Fructo-oligosaccharides, Sodium Chloride, Sodium Bicarbonate, Potassium Chloride
    Additives (per kg)
    Zootechnical (Glut flora stabiliser): Bacillus subtilis C-3102 (DSM 15544) (4b1820) 3 x 108
    Analytical Constituents
    Crude Protein <0.1%, Crude Fibre 1%, Crude Fat 0.5%, Crude Ash <13.2%, Sodium 0.8%, Chloride 8.6%, Potassium 7.9%, Sulphur <0.1%, Magnesium <0.1%
  • Add 5g (2 scoops) per litre of drinking water. 1 scoop = 2.5g approximately
    On return from race to replace essential fluid lossAfter illness/medication
    once or twice per weekup to 7 consecutive days
    Can be combined with all other Aviform products. All Aviform products are free from banned substances.