ERADI-MITE Red Mite Liquid for Racing Pigeons

ERADI-MITE Red Mite Liquid for Racing Pigeons

With the increase in temperature, the risk of blood-sucking red mites infesting your loft also rises. Fortunately, there is a straightforward solution to tackle this prevalent and disruptive issue.

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Red Mite Pigeon
  • Introducing ERADI-MITE, a natural Red Mite Liquid for Racing Pigeons that’s meticulously researched and proven to be safe and non-toxic. Designed specifically for birds, ERADI-MITE prevents problems with mites, lice, and fleas, without the use of harmful chemicals or poisons.

    Red mite infestations can cause a whole array of issues for your prized pigeons. Not only can they increase stress, but also negatively impact their performance and can contribute to the spread of infections.

    By using ERADI-MITE Red Mite Liquid for Racing Pigeons as a preventive, especially during the warmer months, you can ensure that pesky parasites become uninterested in your pigeons. Thanks to its carefully formulated blend of aromatics, this natural feed makes your pigeons an environment that is simply undesirable to ectoparasites.

    While ERADI-MITE was primarily formulated and researched for red mite prevention, it’s also been found to be effective against other external parasites. So, no matter what kind of unwelcome guests your pigeons may encounter, ERADI-MITE has got your feathered friends covered.

    Say goodbye to stress, poor performance, and the risk of infections caused by mite infestations. Provide your racing pigeons with the protection they need to soar to new heights. Grab your supply of ERADI-MITE today and watch your champions thrive without the discomfort of those pesky ectoparasites!

    Looking for something to sprinkle directly on the birds and within the loft to combat existing mite infestations? Take a look at our ERADIMITE-X Red Mite Powder for Racing Pigeons.

    • Easy to administer
    • Natural blend
    • A unique plant extract solution
    • Research proven results
    Plant extracts
    Essential oils
    Methyl sulphonyl methane, Sodium Chloride, Dextrose
    Flavouring Compounds: A mixture of flavouring compounds (plant extracts).
    Moisture 85.9%, Crude fat 6.9%, Lysine 0.01%, Crude Fibre 0.01%, Methionine 0.01%, Crude Ash 0.5%, Sodium 0.3%
  • 1ml per litre drinking for the first 8 days
    1ml per litre drinking water one day per week thereafter until red mite threat is cleared.
    As a guide, 250ml should last a loft of 50 pigeons for more than 12 months.
  • The life cycle of red mite

    Red mite life cycle

    what are the effects of red mite infestation?

    Red mite effects

    Does Eradi-Mite kill Northern Mite?

    Whilst Eradi-Mite has been researched for Red Mite, it should kill all other external parasites.

    Can chicks be given Eradi-Mite?

    Yes, Eradi-Mite is suitable for chicks. 

    Is Eradi-Mite suitable for use during breeding?

    Yes, Eradi-Mite can be given during breeding.

    Can I see the research your claims are based on?

    Sure! You can download the research paper here – Eradi-mite Research Paper