Our Calcium Supplements Explained

Which product should you be using?

Calcium Is The Most Important Mineral For Your Birds

Calcium is the most important mineral required by cage and aviary birds. 

The hen requires a greater amount for egg formation and chicks need the calcium for skeletal growth. 

Calcium deficiency is still the biggest problem in cage and aviary birds with the shortage of usable calcium impacting egg-laying and binding, hens unable to lay or breed and chicks with broken bones. 

Calcium deficiency can also lead to a host of health problems such as nervousness, aggression and feather plucking.

New Formula Calciform Hid3 Calcium + Vitamin D3 Liquid

Lasts 8 times longer than old Calciform and costs 80% less to use. 

Fully water-soluble Calcium and with high levels of Vitamin D3, specially designed for all cage and aviary birds when Calcium deficiency may be suspected or during breeding. 

For addition to drinking water, requiring from just 2.5ml (previously 20ml) per 2 litres of drinking water.

The smallest amount of water that can be easily mixed with Calciform HiD3 is 1 litre when using the optional 1.25ml dispenser which is available separately.

“Best calcium on the market”

Verified review from SM

When Would We Recommend You Use Calciform Liquid?

If you prefer to add your Calcium supplement to water. 

Although both products are water-soluble, we would recommend using Calciform HiD3 which has a superior specification and a much lower cost per dose. 

New Calciform Calcium + Vitamin D3 Powder

Water-Soluble calcium and Vitamin D3 powder supplement, specially designed for all cage and aviary birds when calcium deficiency may be suspected or during breeding.

For addition to drinking water or soft-food.4g per 250ml of drinking water or 150g of moistened soft/egg-food.

“An absolute must in my opinion top of the range”

Verified review from MJ

When Would We Recommend You Use Calciform Powder?

If you prefer to add my Calcium supplement to soft/egg-food, or you only have few birds.

In theory both products can be used in soft-food, however, Calciform HiD3 would need to be carefully premixed with water (due to high concentration) before adding so we would recommend using Calciform Powder. 

We would recommend using Calciform Powder as it is much easier to mix small amounts of water of soft-food. You can easily mix from just 250ml of water or 150g of soft-food. 

Cost & Dosage Comparison

New Formula Calciform HiD3 Liquid

1000ml of Calciform HiD3 makes up to 800 litres of drinking water at just 6p per litre of drinking water

Old Calciform Liquid

1000ml of old formula Calciform made up to 100 litres of drinking water at 30p per litre of drinking water

New Calciform Powder 

1000g of Calciform Powder makes up to 62.5 litres of drinking water at 32p per litre of drinking water

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