Quality & Environmental Policy

Aviform Ltd manufactures and sells avian and animal nutritional supplements which fully conforms to customers’ orders and technical specifications whilst ensuring that the Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental systems meet and continue to meet the requirements of the current UFAS Code of Practice. The Company’s quality, environmental and health and safety objectives shall be observed at all stages of production, distribution and services. 

We recognise that every activity performed has an impact on the environment and therefore is committed to continual improvement to reduce potential impact, prevent pollution and ensure the protection of the environment. 

By reducing the consumption of natural resources and implementing recycling initiatives, the company is able to minimise its impact on the environment. 

Aviform uses HACCP as a means to recognise feed safety hazards in all stages of production, maintenance, distribution and services. 

Senior Management is committed to ensuring that the quality, environmental and feed safety policy is appropriate to Aviform Ltd. This is carried out by continually monitoring, improving and updating processes to ensure compliance with relevant statutory requirements and standards. 

The Management team is committed to complying with and ensuring that all personnel comply with all quality, environmental and safety objectives and systems.

Aviform Environmental Policy