Racing Pigeon Product Application Plan

Products Not On The Above Plan

The above plan focuses on our ‘core’ products

For guidance on using the other products in our range that are not on the plan, please see the information provided.

FORCE 12 + DMG – A lower cost but lower spec alternative to FORCE 13. Use for 2 days prior to basketing. Not required if using FORCE 13.

DIMETHYLFORM – The original DMG for pigeons. Not required if using AVIFORM ULTIMATE, FORCE 13 or FORCE 12, as all contain DMG.

ELECTROFORM – Post race electrolytes for rapid return to fitness. Not required if using AVIFORM ULTIMATE or PROLYTE.

VITAFLIGHT – High spec vitamins, minerals and amino acids as a soluble powder. Not required if using AVIFORM ULTIMATE.

MCT ENERGY OIL – Add to corn for efficient energy. Can be used alongside all Aviform products, especially PROTEIN PERFORM.

WHEATGERM OIL – Add to corn during breeding for an extra boost of nutrients including Vitamin E. Can be used alongside all our products.


Moisten corn with a little MCT ENERGY OIL when using PROTEIN PERFORM.