ROCKETFUEL MCT Energy Oil for Racing Pigeons

ROCKETFUEL MCT Energy Oil for Racing Pigeons

Presenting the innovative New Formula Rocketfuel MCT Energy Oil – delivering an impressive 225% more energy density than traditional carbohydrate sources like glucose.

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  • Introducing the revolutionary New Formula Rocketfuel MCT Energy Oil for racing pigeons, the pinnacle of energy supplements designed specifically for the rigorous demands of your racing pigeons. This premium blend not only promises but delivers a staggering 225% more calorific/energy value compared to traditional carbohydrate sources like glucose, setting a new benchmark in avian nutrition.

    At the heart of our formula is the purest form of Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT) derived exclusively from coconut, ensuring your pigeons get the most efficient and fastest-acting energy source available. Unlike the slower, less efficient palm-derived MCTs and other Long Chain Triglycerides (LCT) oils, our coconut-derived MCTs fuel your pigeons with the rapid energy release they need for those critical moments of moulting, breeding, and racing.

    But we didn’t stop at just providing an unparalleled energy source. We’ve enriched our blend with pure Scottish Salmon Oil, Flaxseed Oil, Sunflower Oil, and a powerful dose of natural Vitamin E, creating a super antioxidant powerhouse. This meticulously curated composition not only propels your pigeons to their peak performance but also ensures their optimum health and well-being during all phases of their life cycle.

    Administering  Rocketfuel MCT Energy Oil is simple and efficient. At only 2.5ml per 1kg of corn, three days a week, it is not only potent but also incredibly economical in keeping your pigeons in top form.

    Elevate your pigeons’ performance, health, and recovery to unprecedented heights with New Formula Rocketfuel MCT Energy Oil for racing pigeons– The ultimate fuel for the ultimate champions.

    • Unmatched Energy Efficiency: Delivers over twice the energy content of proteins or carbohydrates, ensuring your pigeons have the power they need when they need it.
    • Optimised Metabolism: Fast absorbed and metabolised for instantaneous energy, without disrupting the bird’s natural glucose, carbohydrate, or fat metabolism.
    • Premium Energy Source: Our MCT oil, derived from coconut, provides a quicker, more reliable energy source compared to alternatives.
    • Comprehensive Health Support: Enhanced with Flaxseed, Salmon, and Sunflower oils, and Vitamin E for superior feather quality, immune function, muscle recovery, and overall health
    Pure Medium Chain Triglycerides Oil from Coconut, Flaxseed Oil, Scottish Salmon Oil, Sunflower Oil.
    ADDITIVES per kg
    Vitamins, Pro vitamins: Alpha-tocopheral (1b307) 4,000mg
    Crude Fibre 0%, Crude Fat 99.9%, Crude Protein 0%
    3 times a week2.5ml 1kg Corn
    All Aviform products are free from banned substances

    MCT oil from coconut (Medium-Chain Triglycerides)
    Benefits racing pigeons by providing a rapid and efficient energy source, enhancing endurance, improving recovery times, and supporting overall health and performance.

    Flaxseed oil, Salmon oil and Sunflower oil
    Enhances energy, endurance, recovery, feather quality, overall health and metabolism resulting in improved performance and well-being.

    Vitamin E
    Acts as a super antioxidant, plus enhances immune function, muscle recovery and overall performance.