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  • 2024 Aviform Racing Pigeon Power Pack

    Prepare your racing pigeons for peak performance with the 2024 Aviform Racing Pigeon Power Pack. This carefully curated selection of supplements ensures your pigeons have all they need for enhanced health, resilience, and stamina during the racing season.

    Included in the Power Pack:

    • Aviform Ultimate 11in1: 1 x 2500 ml – This all-in-one supplement provides essential vitamins, minerals, and amino acids that bolster health and improve overall vitality.
    • New Rapide ForteX4: 1 x 250 ml – A newly formulated energy booster that enhances endurance and speed, crucial for competitive racing.
    • Prolyte Probiotic Recuperative: 1 x 250 g – Helps restore the natural gut flora after races, speeding up recovery and boosting immune system defenses.
    • Mycoform-T Respiratory: 1 x 500 ml – Supports respiratory health, ensuring optimal breathing and oxygen intake during high-stress periods.
    • Calci-Boost HiD3: 1 x 100 ml – A calcium and Vitamin D3 supplement critical for maintaining strong bones and optimal muscle function.

    Special Offer:

    Retail Price of products when bought individually: £141.75
    Power Pack Price: £59.95
    Saving: Over £81!

    For any inquiries regarding specific supplement details, please feel free to call or email us.

    Additional Info:

    Convenience is key, so we now offer the option to purchase the Power Pack complete with all the required pumps for an additional £1. Ensure to select this option from the drop-down stock list when ordering.

    How to Use:

    Maximize the performance of your racing pigeons by adhering to the comprehensive Application Plan, designed to support your birds through all phases of preparation and recovery.

    Step up to the challenge and gear up your racing pigeons with the 2024 Racing Pigeon Power Pack from Aviform, where quality meets efficiency in pigeon care.