VITALCOAT Dog Coat and Skin Conditioner

VITALCOAT Dog Coat and Skin Conditioner

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  • UFAS accredited

    A unique formulation for dogs, containing proven ingredients for a wide range of skin and coat related problems.

    Veterinary specification balanced gamma linoleic acid (GLA) and (omega) essential fatty acid supplement with vitamins and salmon oil for supreme coat and skin condition and as a mobility aid for addition to food.


    Vitalcoat is a palatable combination of fish and plant oils for addition to food.

    Vitalcoat contains more than 88% Scottish Salmon Oil from Atlantic Salmon reared in sea lochs and open water under strict welfare conditions.

    Containing essential fatty acids, vitamins and Borage oil, that offers more than twice the GLA content of Evening Primrose oil. 

    Essential Fatty Acids are nutrients that cannot be produced in the body.  Therefore, they have to be supplemented within the diet.  They are vital for the formation of new cells and to keep skin in excellent condition.  GLA is normally formed from the breakdown of Essential Fatty Acids in the body.  If not enough GLA is made from Essential Fatty Acids within the diet, it will lead to the skin becoming dry, scaly, and itchy.  Scratching makes the condition worse and can lead to redness and hair loss.

    Vitalcoat is effective in helping improve both coat and skin conditions.

    This high concentrate formula is not ‘bulked out’ with low-cost vegetable oils as with many other products – you only need 2ml Vitalcoat per 10kg body weight.

    Even healthy dogs fed on complete diets have been shown to benefit from improved coat condition.


    • Show winning glossy coat
    • Healthy skin
    • Helps a greasy coat, scaly or itchy skin, and excessive moulting
    • Helps older dogs
    • Extremely economical – the 250ml pack would typically last a large breed (GSD) over 2 months, medium breed (Border Collie) over 5 months, and a small breed (Cocker Spaniel) over 8 months
    Salmon Oil
    Borage Oil
    Vitamin A (3a672b) 1MIU
    Antioxidant: Vitamin E (3a700)3,950mg
    Crude Protein<0.1%
    Crude Oils & Fat94.1%
    Crude Ash<0.1%
    Omega 3 (DHA 9-11%) (EPA 6-8%)21-23%
    Omega 613-15%
    Omega 917-19%
  • Dog WeightDaily Dose
    up to 10kg1 pump
    10kg - 25kg2 pumps
    25kg - 40kg3 pumps
    over 40kg4 pumps
    1 pump = 2ml
    Add to feed each day
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