Flea, Tick & Worm Tonic Supplement For Dogs

Flea, Tick & Worm Tonic Supplement For Dogs

  • Repel fleas, ticks, and worms from your dog
  • Safe for all breeds, ages, and sizes
  • Liquid supplement – simply add to your dog’s food

100% natural. Zero chemicals and non-toxic

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  • Spring and summer are great times to get out and enjoy the weather — but they also mean more time spent outdoors with your dog. As temperatures rise, you may want to start thinking of ways you can protect both you and your pup from bugs with our all-natural dog flea, tick & worm supplement. Even though fleas and ticks may not be a direct threat to your dog’s health, they can carry diseases that may cause sickness. Ditch the chemicals and help aid your dog’s resilience with this non-toxic, easy-to-use solution. Simply add our straightforward and effective flea, tick, and worm tonic to your dog’s food each day!

    Enhanced with Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM), a rich natural Sulphur source, for the effective management of internal and external parasites.

    This supplement will help eliminate harmful parasites so you can feel confident that your dog is safe and comfortable throughout the warmer months.

    How does it work?

    Our liquid dog flea, tick & worm supplement for dogs works by making your dog undesirable to parasites in the first place. Your dog will repel fleas and ticks, which aids in the prevention of an infestation. This product is a safe, fast-acting approach to combating pests that can make you and your pet more comfortable.

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    • Easy to digest and administer
    • 100% natural ingredients
    • Free form Chemicals
    • Non-toxic
    • Prevents problems with mites, lice, fleas, and ticks
    • A unique plant extract solution
    • Suitable for all sizes, breeds and ages
    • Safe for pregnant bitches

    All our supplements are free of fillers, bulkers and unnecessary ingredients.  We use only the purest ingredients available to ensure your pet is receiving the best nutrition possible, all while you are backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

    Our flea and tick tonic can be used alongside any other Aviform products to create a tailored combination of ingredients that meet your pup’s daily needs.

  • Composition
    Methyl sulphonyl methane, Salt, Dextrose
    Flavouring compounds
    Mixture of flavouring compounds (plant extracts)
    Crude Protein 0.1%; Crude Fat 6.9%; Crude Fibre 0.1%; Crude Ash 0.5%; Moisture 85.9%; Sodium 0.3%; Lysine 0.01%; Methionine 0.01%
  • Simply pump the required amount of liquid onto your dogs feed daily for the first 8 days and thereafter twice a week.
    Dog WeightDaily Feeding Rate (1 pump = 2ml)
    Up to 10kg1 pump
    10kg - 25kg2 pumps
    25kg - 40kg3 pumps
    Over 40kg4 pumps
  • Do I still need to give my dog a worming tablet with this tonic?

    While traditional oral worming tablets primarily aim to treat existing worm infestations, our flea, tick, and worm tonic serves as a preventive measure, effectively halting the development of worms before they even occur.