PRO-COMPLETE Ultimate Equine All in One Supplement

PRO-COMPLETE Ultimate Equine All in One Supplement

Explore the all-inclusive nourishment of Pro-Complete, the ultimate equine all-in-one supplement that consolidates the advantages of more than eight different products into one formidable formula.

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  • Discover Pro-Complete equine all-in-one supplement, an all-encompassing nutritional enhancer that amalgamates the benefits of over eight distinct supplements into a single powerhouse product. Perfect for keeping your horse in prime condition from nose to tail.

    • Comprehensive Nutrition. A robust blend of multivitamins, natural antioxidants, and crucial amino acids (Lysine/Methionine) ensures your horse receives a fully-rounded nutritional intake.
    • Holistic Care. From enhancing hoof health with biotin, lysine, and methionine, to supporting muscle and bone health with dedicated tonics, this supplement serves every aspect of your horse’s physiological health.
    • Digestive and Immune Support. Boasting prebiotics and probiotics to bolster the digestive system and enhance immune function, ensuring your horse stays healthy and active.
    • Blood and Coat Health. Enriched with a blood tonic and B-complex vitamins that promote optimal blood condition, and nutrients that impart a lustrous coat.
    • Safe for Competitors. Every batch is independently tested for caffeine and theobromine, making it suitable for competition horses.
    • Research-Driven Formulation. Crafted based on the latest equine nutritional research to provide an optimal balance of ingredients.

    Pro-Complete equine all-in-one supplement is the ultimate choice for horse owners seeking a single, comprehensive solution to cover all dietary needs. Whether on the pasture or preparing for competition, this all-in-one supplement ensures your horse receives all the essential vitamins and minerals needed for overall health and vitality. Equip your horse with the nutrients needed for a thriving life, all from one reliable source – Pro-Complete.

    • All-in-One Solution: Pro-Complete equine supplement combines over eight distinct products for total nutritional enhancement.
    • Comprehensive Nutrition: Blend of multivitamins, antioxidants, and amino acids (Lysine/Methionine) for a well-rounded diet.
    • Holistic Care: Supports hoof, muscle, and bone health with targeted nutrients including biotin, lysine, and methionine.
    • Digestive & Immune Support: Contains prebiotics and probiotics to improve digestive health and boost the immune system.
    • Blood & Coat Health: Boosted with blood tonic and B-complex vitamins for optimal blood condition and a healthy coat.
    • Competition Safe: Independently tested for caffeine and theobromine to ensure suitability for competition horses.
    • Based on Research: Formulated according to the latest equine nutritional research for a balanced dietary intake.
    • Versatile Use: Ideal for all horses, supporting overall health and vitality whether in pasture or preparing for competition.
    Calcium Carbonate
    Sodium Bicarbonate
    Calcium Carbonate; Sodium Bicarbonate; Fructo-oligosaccharides; Magnesium Oxide
    Antioxidants : Tocopherol-rich extracts from vegetable oils (delta rich) (1b306 (ii)) 1500mg
    Vitamins : Vitamin A (3a672a) 300,000 IU; Vitamin D3 (3a671) 35,000 IU; Vitamin E (3a700) 12,500 IU; Vitamin B12 2,500mcg; Biotin (3a880) 150mg; Vitamin K3 (3a711) 100mg; Vitamin B1 (3a821) 500mg; Vitamin B2 500mg (3a521i); Calcium-d-pantothenate (3a841) 543mg; Niacinamide (3a515) 600mg; Vitamin B6 (3a831) 500mg; Folic Acid (3a316) 300mg; Choline chloride (3a890) 500mg; Vitamin C (3a300) 100mg
    Trace Elements : Iron 1000mg (iron (ll)) sulphate monohydrate (3b103); Copper 1000mg (750mg from copper (II) sulphate pentahydrate (3b405) and 250mg from copper (II) chelate of protein hydrolysates (3b407)); Zinc 2500mg (2000mg from zinc sulphate monohydrate (3b605) and 500mg from Zinc chelate of glycine hydrate (solid) (3b607)); Manganese 1500mg (from manganese (II) oxide (3b502); Iodine 10mg (calcium iodate anhydrous (3b202)); Cobalt 20mg (from coated granulated cobalt (II) carbonate (3b304)); Selenium 15mg (from Sodium selenite (3b801))
    Amino Acids : L-Lysine monohydrochloride 7500mg (3c322); DL-Methionine 7500mg (3c301)
    Digestibility Enhancer : Saccharomyces cerevisiae CBS 493.94 (4a1704) 7.5 x 10^10 CFU
    Calcium 15.4%, Sodium 4.0%, Phosphorus 0.01%
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    Levels may be adjusted accordingly to the horse's specific needs, or as directed by your vet
    Scoop enclosed | 1 level scoop = approximately 75g