BUILD UP Equine Muscle Builder

BUILD UP Equine Muscle Builder

New Formula
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    The muscles form the largest tissue mass in the horse’s body and control every aspect of the movement.

    With this in mind we should be looking at keeping their muscles in perfect health and condition so that your horse can perform when asked for, whether it is out hacking or in extensive training; whatever the discipline.


    Build Up contains key amino acids, which are building blocks for protein. These amino acids are extremely important for healthy muscle tissue growth and development.

    Build Up not only promotes muscle growth but aids the natural process of muscle repair.

  • NEW! Formulated for optimum muscle health and performance.


    • Suitable for any horse in training in any discipline
    • Promotes developing muscle
    • Helps muscle to repair and recover from extensive training
    • Supports muscle development in young, growing horses
    • Designed for any horse that has been out of work and showing signs of muscle wastage
    • Perfect to help maintain optimum muscle strength


    Aviform’s Build Up contains the optimum amount of amino acids designed for muscle repair and build, and recovery.


    An essential amino acid that supports muscle endurance and promotes muscle recovery.

    Leucine is one of the most important essential amino acids. Research has shown that Leucine plays a vital role in the stimulation of the mTOR (mammalian target of rapamycin) pathway. Leucine also contributes to the growth and maintenance of muscle mass.


    This essential amino acid must be obtained through diet, however, it is often deficient due to low levels in commonly fed grass and cereal grains.

    All amino acids must be in your horse’s system at sufficient levels in order to used efficiently, if just 1 amino acid is not at the correct level your horse’s body will use it up and the rest of the amino acids will be converted to carbon dioxide that will then be exhaled or expelled via urine.

    Lysine is especially important for young stock as low levels can result in limited development and growth.


    This amino acid has 2 jobs, it helps the body build protein and it turns into nitric oxide. This means it can potentially host a range of benefits including aiding muscle build and heart health.

    Supplementation of this amino acid has been shown to delay time to exhaustion and onset fatigue, in addition to increasing muscle strength and performance, reducing blood pressure and increasing oxygen uptake, as well as decreasing inflammation and enhancing muscle regeneration resulting in a potential beneficial effects on exercise performance.

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  • Compositon
    Additives (per kg)
    Amino Acids:
    L-Leucine (3c382)383,333mg
    L-Arginine (3c361)250,000mg
    L-Lysine (3c320) 166,657mg
    Analytical Constituents
    Crude Protein42.1%
    Crude Fibre<0.2%
    Crude Fat<0.5%
    Crude Ash5.1%
  • Add to feed each dayUp to 300kg300-600kgover 600kg
    Muscle Build & Repair40g60g75g
    Muscle Recovery20g35g45g
    Muscle Support15g20g25g
    Additional Information
    1 Heaped Scoop = 60g
    Introduce gradually for fussy feeders