PRO-CHOICE FWS Faecal Water Supplement For Horses

PRO-CHOICE FWS Faecal Water Supplement For Horses

PRO-CHOICE FWS supplement is specifically formulated to support horses with faecal water issues or very loose droppings. Now with added Psyllium and Apple flavour.

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  • Introducing Pro-Choice FWS faecal water supplement for horses. A premium, tailor-made solution specifically designed to support horses struggling with faecal water issues or very loose droppings. Our advanced formula contains added Psyllium and Apple flavour, for added fibre and enhancing palatability.

    Pro-Choice FWS has been formulated to address digestive issues that lead to excessive water in manure, by helping regulate the digestive system and promoting healthy bowel movements.

    Pro-Choice FWS combines the soothing properties of psyllium with the natural enzymes present in our unique apple-flavoured formula. Not only does this combination help reduce faecal water, but it also promotes healthy gut flora. This reduces the likelihood of future digestive problems.

    Incorporating Pro-Choice FWS into your horse’s routine can improve their overall digestive health, enhance nutrient absorption, and promote optimal bowel function. Crafted from high-quality, natural ingredients, Pro-Choice FWS meets the needs of horses with sensitive digestive systems.

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  • Why Choose A Faecal Water Digestive Supplement?

    Many horses can have periods of struggling with Free Faecal Water Syndrome (FFWS). This is when water is passed from the rectum along with faecal matter. The water can be either be passed prior to, during or after passing faeces or independently at any time.

    FFWS in horses can be caused by sudden changes in diet, feeding haylage, mycotoxins in their diet, and excessive drinking. 

    Even though the horse may look in good condition, the constant passing of water can cause a host of problems.

    Most importantly it is the constant presence of wet liquid faeces down the hindlegs and tail which will require constant attention by the owner to ensure cleanliness and no loss of hair. If left unchecked this will inevitably attract flies and end in loss of hair and further skin problems on the hindlegs.

    Pro-Choice FWS has a blend of Biotics, Psyllium husk and Bentonite (bentonite-montmorillonte) clay which lines the stomach and digestive tract helping to detoxify the system.

    Typically, results can be seen in as little as 7 days or less.

    The key ingredients within PRO-CHOICE FWS are equine research-proven.

    Mannan-Rich Fraction  – Prebiotic Actigen® is a second-generation bioactive mannan-rich fraction (MRF), and in addition to all the benefits of Bio-Mos® with 733 published trials, has been shown to block unfavourable organisms from the gut.

    Saccharomyces cerevisiae – NCYC 1026 – Probiotic – has performance results that are scientifically proven. In fact of the 71 peer-reviewed papers, published in Animal Feed Science Technology and the Journal of Animal Science on the mode of action of yeast cultures, 42% were done on the specific ingredient we use.

    Saccharomyces cerevisiae – Postbiotic – Over 500 controlled research studies and over 140 peer-reviewed publications. Specific equine research is proven to maintain immune strength, promote digestive health and even assist with joint support, general health and athletic capability.



    Mannan rich fraction (MRF)

    A “mannan-rich fraction” typically refers to a portion of a substance that is abundant in mannan, a type of polysaccharide composed mainly of mannose sugar units. Mannans are found in various plant sources, including certain types of seeds, nuts, and tubers. They are also present in the cell walls of some microorganisms.

    A mannan-rich fraction may have several applications, including:

    Nutritional Supplements: Mannans are considered dietary fibres and can be used as a prebiotic to support gut health and digestion.

    Health Supplements: Some studies suggest that mannan-rich fractions may have potential health benefits, such as immune system modulation, cholesterol reduction, and anti-inflammatory effects.



    Saccharomyces cerevisiae is a type of yeast commonly used in horse feed and supplements due to its beneficial effects on digestion and overall health.

    Improved Fibre Digestion: Saccharomyces cerevisiae produces enzymes that help break down fibrous components in the horse’s diet, such as cellulose and hemicellulose. By enhancing fibre digestion, it can increase the availability of nutrients from forage sources, leading to better overall digestive health and nutrient utilisation.

    Enhanced Nutrient Absorption: This yeast can also improve the absorption of nutrients in the digestive tract by promoting a healthier microbial population. By fermenting feed components, Saccharomyces cerevisiae produces beneficial metabolites such as short-chain fatty acids, which can enhance nutrient absorption in the gut.

    Stabilisation of Gut Microbiota: Saccharomyces cerevisiae acts as a probiotic, promoting the growth of beneficial bacteria in the horse’s gut. By supporting a healthy microbial balance, it helps to prevent the overgrowth of harmful bacteria and reduce the risk of digestive disorders such as colic.

    Reduced Incidence of Digestive Upset: Studies have shown that feeding Saccharomyces cerevisiae to horses can help stabilise the microbial population in the hindgut, leading to a reduced incidence of digestive upset and associated conditions such as colic and gastric ulcers.


    Postbiotics are metabolic byproducts produced by probiotic microorganisms during fermentation.
    Support Gut Health: Postbiotics can help maintain a healthy balance of microorganisms in the horse’s gut by providing beneficial metabolites that support the growth of beneficial bacteria and inhibit the growth of harmful pathogens.

    Improve Nutrient Absorption: Short-chain fatty acids produced by postbiotics can enhance nutrient absorption in the digestive tract, leading to improved utilisation of dietary nutrients and better overall health and performance.

    Enhance Immune Function: Postbiotics may have immunomodulatory effects, helping to regulate the horse’s immune system and promote a balanced inflammatory response. A healthy gut microbiota is closely linked to immune function, so supporting gut health with postbiotics can indirectly enhance the horse’s immune function.

    Reduce Digestive Upsets: By promoting a healthy balance of gut microorganisms and supporting digestive function, postbiotics may help reduce the risk of digestive upsets such as colic and gastric ulcers in horses.

    Maintain pH Balance: Organic acids produced by postbiotics can help maintain an optimal pH balance in the digestive tract, creating an environment that is conducive to the growth of beneficial bacteria and less favourable for the growth of harmful pathogens.


    Fibre Source: Psyllium husk is rich in soluble fibre. When ingested, it absorbs water and forms a gel-like substance in the digestive tract. This helps to soften stools and add bulk, making it easier for the horse to pass faeces.
    Sand Removal: One of the significant benefits of feeding psyllium to horses is its ability to help remove sand from the digestive tract. Ingested sand can accumulate in the colon, leading to discomfort and potentially causing colic. Psyllium can bind with the sand particles, aiding in their removal from the gut.
    Prebiotic Properties: Psyllium husk can act as a prebiotic, providing food for beneficial bacteria in the gut. A healthy population of gut bacteria is essential for proper digestion and overall gastrointestinal health.
    Regulating Bowel Movements: For horses prone to loose stools, psyllium can help regulate bowel movements by absorbing excess water and adding bulk to the faeces.
    Colon Health: By promoting regular bowel movements and aiding in the removal of potentially harmful substances like sand, psyllium supports overall colon health in horses.


    Bentonite clay is a natural substance derived from volcanic ash, known for its ability to absorb toxins and impurities.
    Toxin Binding: Bentonite clay has a high absorption capacity due to its unique structure. It can bind to toxins, heavy metals, and other harmful substances in the gastrointestinal tract, preventing their absorption into the bloodstream. This property is particularly beneficial in cases of mycotoxin exposure or other dietary contaminants.

    Alleviating Gastric Distress: Some horse owners and veterinarians believe that feeding bentonite clay may help soothe gastric distress or irritation in horses. By coating the stomach lining, it may provide a protective barrier against stomach acid and irritants, potentially reducing the risk of gastric ulcers or discomfort.

    Aid in Digestive Upset: Bentonite clay is sometimes used to help manage digestive upsets such as diarrhea or colic in horses. Its ability to absorb excess moisture in the gut may help firm up loose stools and restore normal bowel movements. However, it’s essential to address the underlying cause of digestive upset and consult with a veterinarian for proper diagnosis and treatment.

    Improving Digestive Health: Proponents of bentonite clay as a feed supplement claim that it can promote overall digestive health by supporting a balanced gut microbiome. By removing toxins and supporting a healthy microbial environment, bentonite clay may contribute to better digestion and nutrient absorption in horses.

    Sand Colic Prevention: Some horse owners use bentonite clay as a preventive measure against sand colic. The clay’s ability to bind with sand particles in the digestive tract may help prevent their accumulation and reduce the risk of colic associated with sand ingestion. However, other management practices such as feeding hay off the ground and providing access to grazing on suitable pasture are also important for sand colic prevention.

    Yeast products derived from Saccharomyces cerevisiae (containing mannan-rich fraction)
    Yeast products derived from Saccharomyces cerevisiae (containing Postbiotics)
    Saccharomyces Cerevisiae (NCYC 1026 – Probiotic)
    Bentonite Clay
    Psyllium Husk
    Apple Flavour
    Yeast product (mannan-rich fraction (MRF) and postbiotics) from Saccharomyces cerevisiae, Psyllium Husk, Vegetal carbon, Calcium carbonate. yeast products
    Digestibility Enhancer: Saccharomyces cerevisiae NCYC Sc 47 (4b1702) 3.1x10^11 CFU/kg
    Binders: Bentonite (1m558i) 8,280mg
    Anticaking Agent: Clinoptilolite of sedimentary origin (1g568) 117,162mg
    2b mixture of flavouring compounds 10,000mg : ethyl hexanoate (2b09060) 30mg, amyl butyrate (2b) 87mg, diethyl malonate (2b09490) 6mg , acetic acid (2b08002) 5.25mg
    Crude Protein 25.6%, Crude Fibre 5.9%, Crude Fat 5.36%, Crude Ash 17.6%, Sodium 0.09%, Acid Insoluble Ash 9.44%
    The simultaneous oral use with macrolides shall be avoided
    1kg - How often do I need my order?Every monthEvery 3 weeks
    2kg - How often do I need my order?Every 2 monthsEvery 1 to 2 months
    During Feacal Water Issues 50g70g
    1kg - How often do I need my order?Every 3 weeksEvery 2 weeks
    2kg - How often do I need my order?Every 1 to 2 monthsEvery month
    Levels may be adjusted accordingly to the horse's specific needs, or as directed by your vet.
    1 level scoop = 20g approximately
    1 heaped scoop = 25g approximately
    The simultaneous oral use with macrolides shall be avoided
  • How has Pro-Choice FWS™ improved?

    Pro-Choice FWS™ has improved with new and additional ingredients.  These improvements include replacing Bio-Mos® with Actigen® and adding Lecithin.

    What’s the advantage of Actigen® over Bio-Mos®?

    Bio-Mos® is a mannan-rich prebiotic designed to maintain gut integrity, stability and health by promoting good bacteria, supported by more than 734 trials and 114 peer-reviewed publications.

    Actigen® is a second-generation bioactive mannan-rich fraction (MRF), and in addition to all the benefits of Bio-Mos® has been shown to block unfavourable organisms from the gut.

    What’s the benefit of adding Lecithin to Pro-Choice FWS™?

    Improved Digestion: Lecithin can aid in the breakdown and absorption of fats in the digestive system. This can be particularly beneficial for horses that consume high-fat diets or those that have difficulty digesting fats.

    Gastric Health: Lecithin helps maintain the health of the stomach lining, potentially reducing the risk of gastric ulcers in horses. This is especially important for horses that are subjected to stress or have a history of gastric issues.

    Enhanced Nutrient Absorption: By aiding in fat digestion, lecithin can also help improve the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins and other nutrients, ensuring that the horse receives optimal nutrition from its diet.

    Support for Liver Function: Lecithin contains phospholipids that support liver function and promote liver health. This is essential as the liver plays a crucial role in detoxification and nutrient metabolism.

    Reduced Risk of Impaction: Improved digestion and nutrient absorption facilitated by lecithin can help reduce the risk of digestive impactions, a common issue in horses that can lead to colic.

    Has the feeding rate changed?

    No, the feeding rate is the same as the previous version of Pro-Choice FWS™.  This has been achieved by using the highest concentrations of ingredients available.

    Has the product price changed?

    No, the price of Pro-Choice FWS™ has not increased despite the specification improvements. 

    What about Aviform®’s manufacturing and quality assurance schemes? 

    Aviform® formulates and manufactures its supplements in our facility based in Norfolk, UK.   

    We have the following accreditations and assurance schemes:  UFAS, BETA NOPS and ISO9001:2015. These externally audited schemes ensure the most stringent standards for ingredient sourcing and manufacturing processes providing confidence in the product quality and safety of every Aviform® supplement.