Mobileaze EQ Bute Substitute for Horses

Mobileaze EQ Bute Substitute for Horses

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  • BETA Trade Member
  • ISO 9001:2015 logo
  • UFAS accredited
  • A natural and effective mobility aid formulated without Bute or Phenylbutazone for all horses and ponies. Mobileaze EQ contains Devil’s Claw on a palatable base. Now with added MSM!

    An effective aid for stiff joints.

    IMPORTANT – Please note harpagoside (devil’s claw), is an FEI controlled ingredient list due to its action.


    As horses get older they may experience stiffness and wear and tear in the joints. A little bit of extra help in keeping your horse mobile especially during the cold months or when the ground is hard in summer can be found in our mobility supplement.

    A mobility supplement can also be of benefit to aid stiffness after strenuous exercise.


    • Now with added MSM
    • Assists joint mobility
    • 100% natural formulation
    • Palatable liquid for ease of administration
    • Add to feed or give direct
    • C & T Test – All Aviform Liquid Equine Formulations are independently tested for Caffeine and Theobromine
    • Administration for a very short period of time is often all that is required.
  • Composition: Methyl sulphonyl methane, Dextrose, Potassium Chloride. Additives per kg: Sensory Additives (flavouring compounds). Devils Claw Extract 10,000 mg, Mixture of flavouring compounds 3,000 mg. Analytical Constituents: Crude protein <0.1 %, Crude oil and fat <0.1 %, Crude ash 0.2 %, Moisture 91 %, Crude fibre <0.1 %
      • Weight
        Daily Level
      • up to 300kg
      • 300 - 600kg
      • over 600kg
      • For acute cases levels may be doubled for up to 10 days only
      • Do not feed to pregnant mares
      • Please note this product contains harpagoside (devil’s claw) which is an FEI prohibited substance due to its anti-inflammatory action. If competing under FEI rules, consideration must be given to allocating a withdrawal time for this product. We suggest at least 5 days of withdrawal
      • Pump for 2500ml - 1 pump = 5ml