EQUABLE Powder Horse Calmer

EQUABLE Powder Horse Calmer

  • New pouch with easy Velcro seal
  • New formula with L-Tryrosine
  • Promotes focus & relaxation during training
  • Ideal for horses prone to stress or nervousness
  • Suitable for short to long term use

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  • New Formula Equable Powder Calmer for Horses contains a combination of safe, natural ingredients that have been carefully chosen to promote relaxation and focus in horses of all ages and sizes. It can be used on a regular basis or before/during travel, showing, competitions, or other stressful events. It’s also specially formulated with Pre and Probiotics to ensure a healthy and settled gut.


    Some horses can become excitable or nervous whilst at home training or hacking, out competing or during specific stressful events leading to bad behaviour or loss of confidence.

    Equable helps to soothe and improve focus in your horse to ‘get on with the task in hand’ when asked to perform daily ridden tasks or can be used to prepare for a farrier or vet visit should your horse find these events especially stressful.

    Contains L-Tyrosine which is an amino acid and is a precursor for the neurotransmitters dopamine and adrenaline.

    Stress induced adrenaline in your horse can affect learning, attention and general mood and deplete tyrosine levels. Adding L-Tyrosine to Equable helps alleviate the unwanted behaviours caused by stress and anxiety.

    Added magnesium is an essential for healthy nerve and muscle function. Magnesium deficiency can lead to nervousness and tension due to the nerve cells no longer being able to transmit signals to each other. Supplementing your horse with Magnesium will help reduce nervous tension and anxiety.

    We have also formulated Equable to include Pre and Probiotics to ensure a healthy and settled gut to help with any gut issues that may present as anxiety or stress.


    • Suitable for all nervous, excitable and highly strung horses and ponies.
    • Assists all stressful situations such as travelling, clipping, veterinary and shoeing.
    • Very economical and effective.
  • Key Ingredients per 30g (300-600kg)
    L-Tyrosine 5,000mg
    Brewers Yeast 5,000mg
    Fenugreek 4,225mg
    Magnesium 4,065mg
    Actigen® 2,500mg
    Calcium 2,470mg
    Magnesium oxide, Calcium carbonate, Brewers’ yeast, Fenugreek, Yeast product (mannan-rich fraction MRF) from Saccharomyces cerevisiae, Passion Flower
    Amino Acids : L-Tyrosine (3c401) 166,667mg, Flavourings: Melissa officinalis L Balm extract 66,667mg
    Crude Protein 23.4%, Crude Fibre 3.1%, Crude Fat 2.38%, Calcium 8.89%, Sodium 0.04%, Crude Ash 45.5%, Moisture 2.5%
  • Up to 300kg300kg to 600kgOver 600kg
    Add to feed each day 25g30g35g
    1kg - How often do I need my order? Every 1-2 monthsEvery monthEvery month
    2kg - How often do I need my order? Every 2-3 monthsEvery 2 monthsEvery 2 months
    Additional Information
    Levels may be adjusted accordingly to the horse's specific needs.
    1 level scoop = 25g approx.
  • How has Equable™ improved?

    Equable has improved with new and additional ingredients.  These improvements include replacing Bio-Mos® with Actigen® and by adding Passion Flower and Lemon Balm.

    What’s the advantage of Actigen® over Bio-Mos®?

    Bio-Mos® is a mannan-rich prebiotic designed to maintain gut integrity, stability and health by promoting good bacteria, supported by more than 734 trials and 114 peer-reviewed publications.

    Actigen® is a second-generation bioactive mannan-rich fraction (MRF), and in addition to all the benefits of Bio-Mos® has been shown to block unfavourable organisms from the gut.

    Why does Equable™ contain Actigen®? 

    Including Actigen® within our Equable™ formulation will aid a horse’s response to stress. Stress can disrupt the balance of gut bacteria, leading to digestive issues and further exacerbating the horse’s anxiety. By supporting a healthy gut microbiome, Actigen® can help mitigate the effects of stress on the horse’s digestive system and overall well-being.

    What’s the combined benefit of Passion Flower Extract and Lemon Balm Extract withinEquable™?

    Passion Flower Extract and Lemon Balm Extract offer calming properties, helping to alleviate anxiety, nervousness, and stress in horses. This is especially beneficial for horses that experience anxiety during travel, competitions, or other stressful situations.  In addition, Lemon Balm Extract assists with digestive support and contains antioxidants.

    Has the feeding rate changed?

    No, the feeding rate is the same as the previous version ofEquable™.  This has been achieved by using the highest concentrations of ingredients available.

    Has the product price changed?

    No, the price ofEquable™ has not increased despite the specification improvements. 

    What about the benefits of the existing ingredients carried forward from the previous to the new improved Equable™?

    Magnesium plays a crucial role in nerve transmission and function. Magnesium also helps support the proper functioning of the nervous system, potentially reducing anxiety and nervousness in horses.  

    Magnesium is also involved in muscle function and relaxation. Adequate magnesium levels may help prevent muscle tension and stiffness in horses, promoting overall relaxation and suppleness.

    Stressful situations can deplete magnesium levels in horses. Supplementing with magnesium helps replenish these levels, supporting the horse’s ability to cope with stress and promoting a calmer demeanour.

    Brewer’s Yeast has calming properties and can help reduce stress and anxiety in horses. This can be particularly beneficial for nervous or high-strung horses.

    L-Tyrosine mitigates the effects of stress by supporting the production of stress-regulating neurotransmitters, tyrosine helps horses cope more effectively with stressful situations.

    Calcium for general health benefits in horses.  Calcium Carbonate also acts as a flow agent to ensure your product is always free-flowing and easy to use.

    Fenugreek Seed for digestive calming and soothing.