EGF Equine Gastric Formula

EGF Equine Gastric Formula

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  • EGF promotes healthy gastric conditions in the horse or for use during stressful situations.


    The wall of your horse’s stomach can sometimes suffer a build-up of acid and a supplement may be needed to maintain the correct balance of pH in the gut.


    • Contains premium ingredients to support optimum stomach health
    • Ideal for horses on a low forage diet
    • Contains both calcium and magnesium which are recognised as alkaline providers
    • Formulated using the latest research
    • Very economical – 1kg provides on average 24 days supply for less than £1.04p per day
    • Calculation based on 41g daily (300kg-600kg horse) when purchasing 1kg
    • Purchasing the larger size and/or a lower daily amount will reduce cost still further
    Prebiotic (Fructoligosaccharides)244g
    Calcium Carbonate195.6g
    Prebiotic (Actigen®)97g
    Magnesium Hydroxide71.4g
    Calcium Carbonate, Fructo-oligosaccharides, Magnesium Hydroxide, Yeast product (mannan-rich fraction MRF) from Saccharomyces cerevisiae
    Calcium 19.93%, Phosphorous 0.1%, Sodium 0.04%
  • ADD TO FEED EACH DAYUp to 300kg300kg to 600kgOver 600kg
    Daily Dosage25g
    2.5 scoops
    4 scoops
    6 scoops
    1kg - How often do I need my order?Every monthEvery 3 weeks Every 2 weeks
    2kg - How often do I need my order?Every 2 monthsEvery 2 monthsEvery month
    Levels may be adjusted according to the horse's specific needs, or as directed by your vet
    The daily amount may be split over 2 feeds if required
    Scoop enclosed - 1 level scoop = approximately 10g
  • How has EGF™ improved?

    EGF™ has improved with new and additional ingredients.  These improvements include replacing Bio-Mos® with Actigen® and adding Lecithin.

    What’s the advantage of Actigen® over Bio-Mos®?

    Bio-Mos® is a mannan-rich prebiotic designed to maintain gut integrity, stability and health by promoting good bacteria, supported by more than 734 trials and 114 peer-reviewed publications.

    Actigen® is a second-generation bioactive mannan-rich fraction (MRF), and in addition to all the benefits of Bio-Mos® has been shown to block unfavourable organisms from the gut.

    Has the feeding rate changed?

    No, the feeding rate is the same as the previous version of EGF™.  This has been achieved by using the highest concentrations of ingredients available.

    Has the product price changed?

    No, the price of EGF™ has not increased despite the specification improvements.