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Equine Joints and Mobility

Your horse's joints are under constant strain from what we ask them to do on a daily basis. As they get older they lose their ability to repair and regenerate connective tissue and cartilage resulting in sore, stiff joints. To increase comfort and natural joint health we recommend you feed your horse a joint supplement.
Aviform Joint Supplements are accurately formulated and manufactured in our UFAS (UFAS 6029) accredited facility using only the highest purity FEMAS approved ingredients at optimum ratios to support your horse’s mobility for maximum benefit.  
Every batch of Suppelaze Gold is thoroughly tested for Naturally Occurring Prohibited Substances with the certificate available to view online.  We have never had a test failure in over 10 years of testing.
Our nutritional information is completely transparent, shown in an easy to follow format allowing simple product comparison, so customers can make an informed decision by whichever method they choose to compare.  

As our Joint Supplements have a long expiry date and are well tolerated even by fussy eaters, we don't need to add any fillers, bulkers or other unnecessary ingredients which would only serve to try and make a product appear better value.  

And we don't award ourselves any 'concocted accolades' either.