Dog Digestion Packs

Dog Digestion Packs

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  • Introducing our brand new Dog Digestion Packs! These specially curated packs offer incredible value for dog owners who prioritize their furry companion’s digestive health. We have combined two of our top-rated canine digestion supplements, TummyTonic Daily Digestion Supplements and MontyTummy for targeted support, into these convenient packs.

    By opting for our Dog Digestion Packs, you not only save up to £18.95 compared to purchasing the supplements individually, but you also ensure that your pup’s tummy is always well looked after. Whether it’s for daily maintenance or specific needs, these packs provide a comprehensive solution for your dog’s digestive care.

    Don’t miss out on this opportunity to provide the best digestive care for your beloved pup at an unbeatable price! Take advantage of our new Digestion Packs and give your furry friend the support they need for a happy and healthy tummy.

    We are so confident in the effectiveness of our supplements, that we provide a comprehensive 60-day “see-the-difference” guarantee across our range. This means you can try our products risk-free, knowing that we fully back their exceptional quality and efficacy.

    Small Dog Digestion Pack | £24.95

    1 x 100g TummyTonic RRP £16.95

    1 x 100ml Montytummy RRP £17.95

    SAVE £9.95

    Medium Dog Digestion Pack | £36.95

    1 x 300g TummyTonic RRP £32.95

    1 x 250ml Montytummy RRP £22.95

    SAVE £18.95

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