AVIMITE-X Red Mite Powder for Cage & Aviary Birds

AVIMITE-X Red Mite Powder for Cage & Aviary Birds

AviMite-X is a potent and effective solution designed specifically for cage and aviary birds to combat mites in their enclosures. Meticulously crafted with care, this natural mineral powder provides a reliable defence against these unwelcome invaders, ensuring the well-being of your birds.

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  • Say goodbye to the nuisance of mites in your cage and aviary bird enclosure with AviMite-X, the ultimate Red Mite Powder for cage and aviary birds. This specially formulated natural mineral powder provides powerful control against these troublesome pests, ensuring the health and comfort of your feathered companions.

    AviMite-X stands out due to its chemical and pesticide-free composition, making it a safe and eco-friendly choice for your cage and aviary birds. With no harsh chemicals, you can rest assured that the powder is gentle yet effective in eradicating mites and insects.

    The odour-free formula of AviMite-X Red Mite Powder for cage and aviary birds makes it a preferred option for both birds and their caretakers. Simply sprinkle it directly on the birds and within their enclosure to combat existing mite infestations. Its versatility also allows it to be used preventatively, keeping infestations from returning.

    In addition to its pest control properties, AviMite-X also acts as a highly effective drying agent. It helps absorb excess moisture in the enclosure, creating an inhospitable environment for mites and insects to thrive. Enjoy peace of mind knowing you are using a safe and effective solution.

    Want to tackle red mites from the inside? Take a look at Avi-Mite Red Mite Liquid for cage and aviary birds.

    • Chemical and pesticide-free.
    • Natural and odor-free.
    • Safe to use directly on the bird and within their aviary to destroy existing mites.
    • Use as a preventive to stop infestations from returning.
    • Versatile and effective drying agent.
      • Feed additive
      • Binders, anti-caking agents and coagulants:
      • Sepiolite (E562)
      • Kieselguhr (diatomaceous earth, purified) (E551c)
      • Routine - Use at 15-day intervals
      • Infections - Apply every 3-4 days to ensure the life cycle of mites are broken and any unseen newly hatching mites are treated
      • Can be applied directly onto birds, carefully dust through the feathers
      • Can be offered in dust bath for birds to dust bathe
      • Moisture inactivates AviMite-X so once the container is opened ensure it is tightly sealed between use
  • How does AviMite-X work?

    Insects and mites have a waxy protective layer on their body to prevent themselves from drying out.

    AviMite-X is a natural organic sea mineral made up of fossilised diatoms (algae). Diatoms have thousands of microscopic sharp edges, which can penetrate that waxy protective layer, consequently dehydrating and killing the insects and mites.