VITALITY PACK for Cage & Aviary Birds

VITALITY PACK for Cage & Aviary Birds

Everything you need you to keep your birds in top health and condition.

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  • Discover the Vitality Pack formulated specifically for Cage & Aviary Birds, brought to you by Aviform. This comprehensive pack is designed to provide everything you need to maintain the health and condition of your beloved birds.

    Going above and beyond, the Vitality Pack offers a carefully selected collection of premium supplements meticulously crafted to meet the unique requirements of cage and aviary birds. This pack not only ensures essential nutrition but also provides comprehensive support to promote optimal well-being.

    Rest assured that the products in the Vitality Pack are made with top-quality ingredients, all while backed by extensive research and expertise. From promoting feather condition to supporting overall vitality, this pack covers all aspects of bird health and care, conveniently providing you with an effective solution.

    Give your feathered companions the care they deserve by choosing the Vitality Pack for Cage & Aviary Birds. Enhance their quality of life and witness the positive impact it can make on their overall health and happiness.

    2024 Cage & Aviary Vitality Pack Includes

    1 x 1000ml
    PROLYTE-C Probiotic Recuperative
    1 x 500g
    CALCIFORM HiD3 Calcium + Vit D3
    1 x 250ml
    NEW! FETURA-12 Fertility Liquid
    1 x 250ml
    MYCOFORM-CA Respiratory
    1 x 250ml
    AVI-MITE Red Mite Liquid
    1 x 50ml

    Unlock incredible savings with the Vitality Pack, featuring all six products for just £59.95, originally priced at £134.70. That’s an astonishing £74.75 discount!

    Please note that pumps are not included in the pack but can be purchased separately.

    If you require specific information on supplement expiration dates, feel free to reach out to us. Don’t miss out on this amazing offer and energize your birds with the Vitality Pack today!

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