When should I give my dog a joint supplement?

It’s a question we’re often asked by our customers, but there is no right answer! You know your dog best, and you’re more than capable of deciding what’s best for them. This guide is here to help you figure out what exactly the best might be!

Sooner rather than later

There is no harm in starting your dog on a joint supplement earlier than they might need one. Aviform’s joint supplements are all made with safe, natural ingredients to help support and protect their joints, which means they can even be given to puppies!

Most dogs are active animals, who love to run and jump and play. Over the years, their energetic lifestyles can catch up with them, leading to stiff and sore joints later in life. Starting your dog on a joint supplement before they start to show signs of discomfort may help give them a few extra years of pain-free fun.

When they need it

For most owners, the thought of joint supplements may not come up until their pooch starts to become stiff or sore, particularly after a long walk or exuberant play session. There’s nothing wrong with waiting for your dog to show you they need extra support before you give it to them – in fact, it can make it easier to see the impact the supplement is having if you can see a marked improvement in their comfort and activity.

Starting your dog on a joint supplement when they start to show signs of discomfort might help them get back to bouncing about like a puppy, giving them a new lease of life in their later years.

Born this way

Another thing to consider is the breed of your dog and any history of joint issues in their family tree. Certain breeds are more susceptible to joint issues, so it’s worth considering giving a joint supplement earlier than they might need to safeguard against the downfalls of their physiology. 

The same goes for overweight dogs – a few extra pounds might be putting more pressure on your dog’s joints, making them more vulnerable to wear and tear. Including a joint supplement might help to protect their joints while they’re on their doggy diet!

What to choose

Regardless of the reason to give your dog a supplement, it’s important to do the research and find the right one. 

A low to medium support supplement, like Flexus 10, is an ideal supplement if you’re looking to safeguard against future mobility issues or tackle the first signs of stiffness/depletion of certain activities that your dog used to find easy to do.

However, if your dog has been diagnosed with a joint disease or is now needing a higher level of support due to age, you will certainly need something stronger, like our Flexus VS which contains all the necessary ingredients to tackle these issues.

You know your dog best, and you know what’s best for them. Aviform is always here for a chat if you need some advice, either by phone on 01953 528008, by email on [email protected], on our live chat service, or if you want to pop in and see us in Wymondham!