Prevent The Seasonal Spread of Red Mites.

As temperatures rise, so does the risk of your hen house or coop becoming infested with blood sucking red mites, luckily there is a way to prevent the seasonal spread of red mites.

Red mites can be one of the biggest problems you can face while keeping birds, especially during the warm summer months when they are most rife. As they are nocturnal, you may not have ever seen them as during the day they hide in the cracks and crevices of the poultry house and only emerge at night to take a feed of blood. After feeding they return to their hiding places to digest the blood and breed. If conditions are just right; from one egg hatching to the mite maturing to adulthood and laying hundreds of eggs of its own can take as little as one week, meaning they can multiply at an alarming rate if not kept under control. To make matters worse, adult mites can survive for months in a dormant state, and mite eggs too can keep for months without hatching.

Lift cycle of red mite

Red mite can cause:

• Agitation and stress

• Poor egg quality through shell thinning and blood-spotting

• Decreased egg production

• Spread of poultry pathogens of bacterial and viral origin

• Impaired breeding

• Pecking

The Solution

Luckily, there is a simple solution to this common and disruptive problem. The best way to eradicate red mite from your birds and their coop is to make them undesirable to the mites in the first instance. The easiest and most effective way of doing this is by adding a supplement to your bird’s drinking water, such as Aviform’s new MITEY STUFF!. MITEY STUFF! Is a NEW 100% natural and nontoxic liquid supplement for all poultry, fowl, and ducks brought to you from Aviform; experts in avian healthcare since 1977. Simply add Aviform’s MITEY STUFF! To your birds drinking water and your birds will repel ectoparasites when they come out to feed overnight helping to prevent the seasonal spread of red mites.


Brilliant. So pleased with MITEY STUFF! as it has made such a difference in severely reducing the red mite in the hen house. Will certainly buy again.

V. Blachford via Trustpilot

Based on aromatics, Aviform’s MITEY STUFF! Is formulated and researched as a preventative treatment for red mite and other external parasites. It is a unique solution of plants, herbs, and spices with essential oils that do not contain any poison or other chemicals, thus it is safe for humans and does not affect performance or egg laying in birds.

MITEY STUFF! Is just one supplement in a range of products available from Aviform. Who are dedicated to providing the absolute best in healthcare for your birds, at the most affordable prices using the highest quality ingredients. With almost 6,000 service reviews on Trustpilot (95% of them being 5 stars), Aviform really is the name you can trust when it comes to caring for your birds.

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